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Jubilee Video Conference Marks the 50th Anniversary of Intersputnik

Participants of the jubilee online conference acknowledged the remarkable contribution made by Intersputnik to the elaboration and implementation of pioneering satellite technologies, as well as the prominent role that the Organization plays in upholding public interests and assisting in economic, social and humanitarian projects worldwide.

50 years of international cooperation in space

15 November 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications. With its status of an intergovernmental organization, Intersputnik unites 26 member countries on various continents.

SATCOMRUS 2021 – The outlook of satcom solutions for mobility applications

At the Satellite Communications for Transport Session within the framework of the SATCOMRUS 2021 conference, the representatives of sectoral community discussed the future prospects for state-of-the-art satellite systems for the provision of communications services and BBA at mobile objects.

You are kindly invited to join the NATSATTEL 2021

You are kindly invited to  join the NATSATTEL 2021 Conference to be held online on 16 November 2021. The key topic of the conference is 50 years of Intersputnik: Satcom industry transformation agenda for the next half a century.

Intersputnik is Among the First Signatories to Space Industry Debris Statement

On October 28, 2021 Intersputnik together with 17 representatives of the space industry signed the Space Industry Debris Statement stipulating that the Organization will work with the sectoral community to prevent the generation of new space debris in the orbit.

Intersputnik Becomes a Gold Sector Member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

The Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications joined the ITU’s Gold Sector Members club along with Services, Inc., Apple Inc., Eutelsat S.A., Intelsat US LLC and other leaders of the global telecommunications community.

REDISCOVER THURAYA WE Thuraya WE now offers affordable access to corporate and welfare apps anywhere

With the rising demand for corporate applications to support remote operations, Thuraya Telecommunications and IEC Telecom are jointly introducing new capabilities of the innovative future-ready communications solution - Thuraya WE. Enabling affordable prepaid packages for real-time communications and supplying high-end video transmissions from the field, Thuraya WE operates on Thuraya network’s uninterrupted coverage across two- thirds of the globe over MSS to address the key pain points of operations no matter where they’re located.

SATCOMRUS 2021: Humanitarian aspects of satellite communications industry

On October 7, 2021, the 26th SATCOMRUS 2021 conference was held in Kaliningrad (Russia), where leading players of the satellite market discussed challenging issues of the global space communications industry development: the impact of LEO systems, promising satellites, convergence of various technologies and applications, recovery of the mobile communications market, including segments of providing broadband in-flight and maritime connectivity.

First award of Intersputnik in connection with its 50th anniversary

At SАTCOMRUS 2021, the 26th International Conference of Operators and Users of the Satellite Communications Network of the Russian Federation, held on October 7-8 in Kaliningrad, Intersputnik received the award “For 50 Years of Contribution to the Development of International Cooperation in Space Communications”.

Intersputnik Takes an Active Role in World Space Week

Declared for the first time in 1999 by the UN General Assembly, World Space Week is held annually from October 4 through October 10.

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