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Program for the Development of Business in the Field of Space Communications

winup to $1.000 000 to Intersputnik Signatories

up to $750.000 per project

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How to win funding

Give Intersputnik notice of your desire to join the program
Step 1

Check if the company and its project are qualified based on the conditions of the program

  • Engaged in industry-specific business
  • Showing positive financial results for two years
  • Operating in a member-country for three years
  • No limitations imposed by government authorities
  • Realistic business project
  • Stable positive credit history
  • No litigation
  • All licenses in place
Step 2

Prepare requisite documents and file an application in the approved format to join the program

Step 3

Win the Tender

Step 4

Get Funding

  • Either as a loan granted by Intersputnik for up to five years
  • Or by way of offering Intersputnik a stake in the company’s equity
Step 5

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Application for Financing