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Interview with Mr. Xayluxa INSISIENGMAY, Lao PDR

The Operations Committee of Intersputnik presents next round of video interviews under the “Voice of Satellite Industry” project, where satcom professionals and members of the Intersputnik Operations Committee share their views on the industry.

Interview with Mr. Lam Quoc Cuong

The Operations Committee of INTERSPUTNIK International Organization of Space Communications continues a series interviews with the members of the Intersputnik Operations Committee under an initiative called the “Voice of Satellite Industry”.

Interview with František Šebek (Czech Metrology Institute, Prague, Czech Republic)

The Operations Committee of INTERSPUTNIK International Organization of Space Communications (Organization) has recently launched an online project called the “Voice of Satellite Industry”.

Voice of Satellite Industry

Mohamed Jama (CEO of Dalkom Somalia and WIOCC Board Chair) discussed with Andrey Kirillovich (Director of Integration Services and Projects, RSCC ) the latest trends in satcom industry of Africa in global context.

Trial by virus

The web portal of the Operations Committee of Intersputnik IOSC presents its reflection of current situation in the Russian space communications industry and the effects of global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. We have put together comments from the senior managers of leading operators, speaking about the challenges they have been facing, sharing how they manage to maintain high-quality service and stay optimistic. (Russian version is available as a .pdf in FILES)

The Operators Speak Ahead of SATELLITE 2020

While there is a lot of talk about how the major operators are going to invest in satellite capability going forward, a number of regional operators also face a similar dilemma. Via Satellite spoke with to Arabsat CEO Khalid Balkheyour; Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) Deputy Director General for Business Development Ksenia Drozdova; Thaicom CCO Nile Suwansiri; and Avanti Communications CEO Kyle Whitehill about their plans, their hopes for SATELLITE 2020, and what they would like to see next as we head into this new decade.

Rossen Jeliazkov: EC expresses disappointment with the return of trucks envisaged in the Mobility Package I

At the Coreper I meeting held today, the European Commission clearly expressed its disappointment with the provisions laid down in the Mobility Package I, concerning the return of trucks to the countries of establishment, as well as with the other restrictions on combined transport. This was announced by Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov at an emergency briefing.

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