he document was endorsed by the «RCSC» JSC Chairman of the Board Bauyrzhan Kudabaev and Vice President of Intelsat GS&M.

«Today, Kazakhstan’s satellite «KazSat-2» and «KazSat-3» 100% satisfy the needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in space-based communication services. The Ministry set the task of entering the international market, more active cooperation of our company with foreign operators to provide services», – said the head of «RCSC» JSC.

«RCSC» JSC has cooperation agreements with the European company Eutelsat, the Russian state enterprise «Space communications», the agreement with the largest operator Intelsat opens up new opportunities and prospects, according to Bauyrzhan Kudabayev.

«In particular, the use of Intelsat resources, which has more than 50 communication satellites around the world and extensive experience, will enable our customers to use space communication services outside the coverage areas of Kazakh satellites located at orbital positions of 58.5 and 85.5 degrees East longitude,» he says.

«Today, the situation on the world market of space services is such that it is impossible to do without a friendly and mutually beneficial partnership. To the right of the orbit of our satellite «KazSat-2» there is a Chinese spacecraft, to the left two American satellites. Therefore, the need for cooperation and exchange of experience is very urgent. For example, we are very interested in the experience of large sales volumes of Intelsat, work with manufacturers of ground equipment», – said the Chairman of the Board of «RCSC» JSC.

Also during the meeting, «RCSC» JSC and Intelsat GS&M discussed the possibility of creating a joint communication satellite, as well as new opportunities for the use of Kazakhstan teleport to the Space communication center «Kokterek» in Almaty region. «We plan to discuss all these issues at the upcoming meeting in Washington in September 2019» B. Kudabayev said.

Kazakh colleagues invited representatives of Intelsat GS&M to take part in the annual forum «Days of space in Kazakhstan», which will be held in November 2019 in Nur Sultan.