The RCC Board unites the Telecommunications Administrations of 18 nations, of which 12 (Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine) are the members of Intersputnik IOSC as well. Along with taking part in the meetings of the Board of the RCC Communications Administrations (CAs) Heads on a regular basis, the Intersputnik representatives are members of the Satcom Working Group under the RCC Telecommunications and Infocommunication Operators Board, the Regulation Revision Working Group, as well as the Expert Council of the Interparliamentary Assembly CIS - RCC .

“Intersputnik and RCC cooperation is aimed at harmonizing national regulations for satellite operators to obtain non-discriminatory access to regional markets, as well as at combining the efforts to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals through implementation of satcom technologies and services,” emphasized Ksenia Drozdova, Director General of Intersputnik IOSC.

Pursuant to the resolution of the Board of the RCC CAs Heads and the Coordination Council officially received by Intersputnik on 31 March 2022, representatives of seven Member States and the Intersputnik Directorate were bestowed with the RCC highest awards, the Orders of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications. The following RCC participants representing Intersputnik Member States and Intersputnik Directorate were awarded the Order of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications both as a token of recognition of their commitment to strengthening and development of the RCC and for a great personal contribution to its activities:

  • Rashad Nabi oglu Nabiyev, Novruz Gulu oglu Mammadov (Azerbaijan),
  • Konstantin Shulgan (Belarus),
  • Fridon Injia (Georgia),
  • Kuanyshbek Yesekeyev (Kazakhstan),
  • Valery Butenko, Sergey Pastukh, Rashid Ismailov (Russia),
  • Beg Sabur (Tajikistan),
  • Baýramgeldi Öwezow (Turkmenistan),
  • Ksenia Drozdova, Elina Morozova (Directorate of Intersputnik IOSC).

We send our honoured colleagues congratulations on well-deserved awards and best wishes in their future endeavours!

For information:

The Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications was established in 1991. As a member of the RCC, Intersputnik IOSC may leverage its potential as a vehicle to streamline its interaction with both the Member States and other nations, as well as with the global business community across various areas of its activities.