Ksenia Drozdova, Director General of Intersputnik, met with Boviengkham Vongdara, Lao Minister of Technology and Communications, to discuss ways to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and explore opportunities for joint projects in satellite communications and broadcasting. It was a constructive meeting, where both sides recognised the importance of maintaining close contacts. Intersputnik delegation also held a series of meetings with the country's leading experts in satellite communications, including representatives of the Lao national satellite operator LaoSat.

Intersputnik team members attended the regional industry exhibition Lao Digital Week 2022, sponsored by the Ministry of Technology and Communications of Lao PDR, which represents the country at the Intersputnik Board and the Operations Committee. The event showcased state-of-the-art digital, communication and broadcasting solutions tailored to the Southeast Asia local needs and specifics. Lao Digital Week 2022 attendees expressed great interest in satellite communications services, satellite Internet access and mobile communications, designed for both the corporate and the mass market sectors.

"Satellite technologies are in high demand both in Laos and throughout the region, because a significant part of the Southeast Asian population lives in remote areas where infrastructure is developing at a lower rate, than in urban areas. Governments and businesses, in turn, are interested in covering the maximum amount of population with modern ICT services," commented Ksenia Drozdova, Director General of Intersputnik. "The activities of Intersputnik are based on the principles of open, mutually beneficial international cooperation aimed at eliminating the digital divide in various regions around the world, including Southeast Asia."

During this trip, Intersputnik representatives also visited LaoSat’s satellite teleport located near Vientiane, the capital city of Lao PDR. Control, monitoring and operation of the national LaoSat-1 satellite launched in 2015 is made through this ground station facilities. LaoSat-1 operates at 128.5°E orbital position. The satellite meets all Laos' telecommunications and broadcasting needs and is also used to provide services to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia.

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