This date is the day the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in 1865 and is considered the founding date of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This celebration is one of the ITU's activities to explore how digital innovations help to improve lives and erase boundaries between people, bringing them together as a community, ensuring sustainable prosperity for all humanity and contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Intersputnik and ITU

Intersputnik and ITU have many years of successful cooperation. In their mutual activities, the organisations are guided by the Agreement between the Director General of Intersputnik and the Secretary-General of ITU, which was signed in 1983. Intersputnik is currently a member of two ITU sectors — the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) and the Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) — proudly holding ITU Gold Sector Member status.

Satellite communications as a factor in achieving the SDGs

Advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a key to achieving the SDGs by 2030, however the digital divide hinders innovation across many countries and regions. Modern communications and primarily satellite communication technologies should become the most effective method of bridging the digital divide. Connecting the unconnected, as well as the role of innovative communication applications in achieving the SDGs, regularly become the topic of the most important international forums organised with the participation of Intersputnik and under the auspices of the UN and ITU.

NatSatTel-2024: Innovative Technologies and Services in the Global Satellite Industry

The principles of equal, mutually beneficial cooperation followed by Intersputnik are fully in line with the ITU and UN programme statements and digital initiatives. Combined with technical resources and highly qualified staff, they allow Intersputnik to actively participate in the implementation of digital transformation projects in any region of the world, as well as to enable the implementation of global programmes for connecting the unconnected. By helping member states to implement national and international satellite projects, the Organization actually becomes a platform for effective cooperation.

The NatSatTel international conference is one of the tools for establishing conditions for fruitful interaction among satcom industry players. This forum is organised on an annual basis by Intersputnik in partnership with the North American analytical web portal Satellite Markets and Research. At NatSatTel, representatives of various companies, agencies, public and international organisations can openly discuss topical issues, propose new technologies and applications, express and evaluate opinions of leading industry experts and find partners. This year, one of the conference panel sessions will be supported by ITU and will focus on the role of women in the global ICT industry.

The next NatSatTel conference will take place online in less than a month — on 11 June 2024. To learn more and register for participation in the event, please visit .