The project was implemented within the framework of the Program for the Development of Business in the Field of Space Communications in Intersputnik member countries. This program, launched by Intersputnik in 2019, aims to drive the advancement of satellite technologies in the Organization's member states. Additionally, it seeks to expedite connecting the unconnected and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At the end of 2019, the Intersputnik tender board recognised the Mongolian operator Isatcom's project as the winner and provided 300 thousand dollars in interest-free medium-term debt financing for its implementation. In three years, the project called "The satellite triple play project" has modernised the VSAT network to provide modern communication services for government, businesses and private customers in Mongolia. The allocated funds were used to install and commission the hub and set up more than seven hundred terminals for satellite connectivity. The technology implemented makes it possible to offer consumers high-quality services while conserving satellite bandwidth.

The rollout of new network equipment in Mongolia has faced many unforeseen challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including transportation disruptions and periods of isolation, as well as difficulties with international payments. However, thanks to the high level of qualification of the Mongolian colleagues and the efforts of everyone involved, the project was implemented successfully and on time.

As a result, customers received a noticeable increase in the speed of Internet access without any rise in costs, while the cost of transmitting data traffic fell. This is of great importance for Mongolia, where a large number of people live and work in remote rural areas, and satellite communication is often the only technology available. The new VSAT network enables the inhabitants of remote regions to use modern communication services and relevant services: E-government, public social services, telemedicine, distance learning, banking services, etc.

Intersputnik will continue to support projects in the field of space communication carried out by stakeholder organisations of the member states. Today, applicants’ requests are examined as they come and the funding conditions are determined depending on the parameters of the proposed projects, the parameters of the applicant companies and other criteria relating to the reliability and quality of the project documentation. Priority is given to projects that involve the use of satellite technologies to address economic, social or humanitarian issues. Intersputnik invites satellite operators in the member states to cooperate in various areas.

The Organization follows the basic principles of open and mutually beneficial international cooperation to use satellite technologies to improve people's quality of life. The realisation of a joint project with the national satellite operator of Intersputnik member state Mongolia is a further proof of our commitment to these principles.