The presentation was arranged as part of the Youth Far Beyond the Borders project. The event was attended by the Congress delegates and media representatives, as well as by Intersputnik’s multinational team and young talents from the Organization’s member states. Intersputnik’s partner in the project was Baku-based gallery NUR Art House.

The exposition featured the works by Vusalya Yunusova and Ali Gaffarli reproducing space patterns in the national carpet art of Azerbaijan.

The Youth Far Beyond the Borders project, launched by Intersputnik in 2022, aims to support the creative youth of Intersputnik member states. The Organization believes it important to emphasize the interpenetration of creativity and technology in various areas of human life and activities. For example, engineers obtain inspiration from the cultural heritage and contemporary art in creating the most advanced technology, while scientific discoveries and new technologies are a source of inspiration for young artists, sculptors, and designers. In implementation of the project, Intersputnik strives to highlight the cultural diversity and national identity.

Ksenia Drozdova, the Director General of Intersputnik, commented, “A joint exhibition with NUR Art House Gallery was inspired by the common interest in abstract patterns and the special carpet "script" present in the traditional ornaments of Azerbaijani carpets. A unique nature of Azerbaijan and mentality of its inhabitants make it possible for the young artists presented at Intersputnik’s stand to convey the "cosmology" inherent in the national carpet art”.

About NUR Art House Gallery:

NUR Art House prioritises support and development of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and building awareness among the younger generation. The gallery is a platform for communication and exchange of experience between amateur and professional artists who give their master classes here. One of the activities of NUR Art House is the organisation of program exhibitions, where Azerbaijani and foreign artists present their works.

You can see the Photogallery about the Interspuntik activities at IAC 2023 in Baku here: