It is a fantastic initiative and we take much pride to share our thoughts.  In today’s day and age, when satellite industry is going though rapid transformation it is essential to keep fingers on the pulse. Launch of this news platform will not only contribute to Kazakhstan market stakeholders but the international satellite community overall.

With more than 20 year of experience in satellite communications, IEC Telecom Group is renowned for supplying high-end technology for voice and data transfer across the globe. With 10 offices in 8 countries, we have a lot expertise to share. At the same time, we have a very good understanding about regulations and movements in the Kazakhstan market, where we have been present since 2014, so please feel free to engage us with regards to any regional discussion.

I extend hearty congratulations to the editorial team, wish them the very best in their endeavour to keep us informed and connected.

Nabil Ben Soussia, Vice President - Maritime, IEC Telecom Group